Our process is simple. Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Business is mobile, agile, anywhere and everywhere. In an ever changing digital world, there has never been a greater need to be cyber aware.

Our intelligent tools and support mean that you can show businesses the true colour of their cyber status and help them to stay protected moving forwards.

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When it comes to cyber protection, SMEs all too often get left behind. Cyber security is a real threat to all businesses, no matter how big or small. That’s because so much of our information is digital, from invoices to employee payroll details. Powerful, smart and agile technology has been developed to protect such valuable information but until now, only large companies and government departments have been able to take advantage. Aura changes that.

With decades of experience in top-level cyber protection behind us, we know what it takes to protect the UK. We know where the common weaknesses lie and where people are falling down and leaving themselves vulnerable. Now we want to pass that expert knowledge on to SMEs. Every business has a role to play in ensuring that the UK stays safe and secure.

Aura will show you how to improve cyber protection through clear and logical steps, with the aid of our trusted partners. It’s fast, affordable and effortless.

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