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If you want to keep your business cyber safe, you need to take action today. Every business is at risk of cyber attack, no matter their size. When it comes to cyber security, prevention is the best line of defence. You need to know what action to take to keep your customers, your employees and your partners safe online. Aura will show you where your weaknesses lie and what steps you need to take.

What is aura cyber security?


At its simplest, Aura is an affordable and highly accessible cyber security assessment. It’s our goal to provide businesses with greater clarity about the status of their cyber security. If a company does need to take action, we show them the way forward.

SMEs are often left behind when it comes to cyber security and business. Without the budget to spend on expensive consultants like the larger firms, small business owners are left to figure it all out on their own. In search of guidance, they often end up completing cyber security business assessments that amount to little more than a box-ticking exercise.

At Aura, we believe cyber protection should be available to every single business in the UK and beyond, no matter what size they are. As the digital world rapidly develops and continues to evolve, the need to be aware of the importance of cyber security has never been as vital.

When we take an in-depth look at individual businesses, they each radiate a complex mix of issues. There will be areas in which your cyber protection excels and others where there is cause for concern. Few companies are all good or all bad when it comes to cyber security. At every point, you will have the full support of Aura and our trusted partners.

Reveal your
digital aura

Reveal your business cyber security status and take back control today. Our cyber security tool will indicate how much of a threat you face, highlighting weaknesses and areas of potential risk, within both your own business and your wider supply chain.

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What is the aura process?


A complete Aura assessment will be carried out by one of our trusted partners, who will have been through the extensive training required to get the right information from you.

Together you will have a thorough conversation about your business, guided and prompted by Aura. This conversation will involve a number of technical checks. Once all the necessary data has been inputted, Aura takes over, analyses your data, assesses the risk using our extensive cyber security knowledge and produces the information required to create your detailed report.

At Aura, we want everyone to be able to understand where their business stands when it comes to cyber security. If there’s still confusion, nothing is going to change.

Nobody should be left defenceless in the dark.

That’s why our report is jargon-free and clearly outlines a list of priorities for you to tackle. We take each issue one by one and rank them as Fix Now, Fix Soon, Fix Later or Recommendation, depending on how much of a threat it represents to the business.

Juggling cyber security and business relationships


When it comes to cyber security, it’s not just yourself that you need to think about. No business exists in isolation. Even if you aren’t part of some massive manufacturing supply chain, you will rely on the likes of accountants, lawyers or recruiters for their advice and services. But how much do you know about the quality of their cyber defences?

With each digital interaction, you could be at risk of a cyber attack.

It is not uncommon for larger firms or national agencies to ask their suppliers and partners for proof that they are fully cyber secure. They know the damage that a cyber breach could do to their business. Why should SMEs not do the same? It is crucial for the future security of your business that the people you are dealing with can be trusted to guard your data in the same way that you guard theirs.

Before agreeing to work with a new partner or supplier, we recommend that you do your due diligence. For starters, you need to know exactly who has sight of, or access to, your data. Your suppliers might subcontract some of their work, meaning that your data is available to a greater number of people, increasing the risk of a cyber breach.

Take control of your supply chain and request periodic reporting from all your suppliers, as well as setting out your security expectations in the initial contract. If you are aware of a potential problem, have the courtesy to alert your suppliers and offer them support where you can. By sharing best practice advice, everyone becomes safer and more secure.

Aura is here to help. Our tools can provide you with an indication of the quality of your suppliers’ cyber defences. You can use this information to have a conversation with your suppliers and highlight the areas in which you would like to see further improvement.

Turning cyber security weaknesses into strengths


As well as revealing the state of your business’ cyber defences, Aura will also highlight areas of weakness within your own cyber security knowledge. Areas of concern might range from poor password management to susceptibility to phishing emails. For anyone to make improvements, they need to fully understand the point at which they’re starting from.

Take the recent example of GDPR. Amidst all the confusion and bewilderment, GDPR has offered SMEs an opportunity for real introspection. It has forced people to pay closer attention to what personal data they gather, where it’s stored and how it’s then used within the business. In this instance, businesses had to face up to their weaknesses because those that fail to comply are at risk of a significant fine and reputational damage.

Aura encourages individuals to think broader than GDPR and consider the ramifications of a cyber breach to their business. However, we also want to turn that negative into a positive. Think about how much more appealing your business will appear to potential clients, partners or suppliers, if you can demonstrate that you’re a safe pair of hands. By taking control of your business security, you will set it up for future success.

When it comes to cyber security and business, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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