Investigating A Business’ Cyber Security Defences

Trying to establish whether your current level of cyber protection is sufficient is a difficult endeavour when you don’t have access to the necessary expertise or technology. That’s why Gresham Office Furniture turned to Aura, a cyber security business that they felt confident could accurately assess their existing cyber defences.

Who are Gresham Office Furniture?

A Manchester based family run business, Gresham Office Furniture employs over 250 people to create stand-out and well-made pieces, including bespoke designs. They’ve produced furniture for the likes of the BBC, Cadbury and Bentley. The nature of their business means that they are communicating with a wide range of people, including customers and suppliers. As a result, the company has access to and stores a large amount of data. It was imperative that their cyber defences were strong enough to protect that data.

How did Aura investigate Gresham Office Furniture?

In working with Gresham Office Furniture, the Aura team didn’t restrict the investigation just to the more technical elements, such as the network infrastructure.

We carried out a number of targeted tests, both externally and on site, to establish where the weaknesses lay within the business’ cyber security defences. Some of these scans were automated. Whilst those tests were running, we took the time to delve further into how Gresham Office Furniture operate and gained a greater understanding of how different team members used their IT on a day to day basis.

What was the outcome of the investigation?

With our investigation into Gresham Office Furniture’s cyber defences complete, we presented them with a business-friendly report. In it, we prioritised a list of actions that the company could take to address the weaknesses that we’d uncovered. As is the Aura way, the report was written in plain English without the complicated jargon that causes such unnecessary confusion. Key decision makers within the business could then easily comprehend the information being presented to them and make decisions more swiftly and efficiently.

For those individuals tasked with actually correcting the vulnerabilities, we produced a more in-depth technical document. This took each issue in turn and clearly related what action needed to be taken. We wanted to give Gresham Office Furniture as much help as possible so that they could put solutions in place as quickly as possible, and incrementally improve their cyber security defences.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ‘Aura’ to other companies looking to review their Cyber Security position. The knowledgeable team carried out their work in a professional manner and were approachable at all stages throughout the process. Aura has given us the confidence to continue to grow as a company, safe in the knowledge that we are on a sound footing when it comes to Cyber Security.

Richard Foster, IT Manager, Gresham Office Furniture Limited