how aura helps its partners

How aura Helps Partners Evolve

As an Aura partner, you have an amazing opportunity to grow and expand your business. It is a great lead generator of business because you not only get to speak to prospective clients but also learn a wealth of information about their business.

For Insurance Brokers, Aura is a brilliant tool for sparking conversations with the SMEs they are trying to discuss cyber insurance with. By charging a small fee for this comprehensive assessment, Insurance Brokers can generate an additional source of revenue at the same time as building up client relationships.

Traditionally, the primary role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) has been to look after a company’s technological needs. For example, they would take the lead on any major system changes, set up devices for new starters and handle any technical difficulties that arise.

With Aura, MSPs can add another string to their bow.

Making the most of their pre-existing cyber knowledge and awareness, Aura allows MSPs to offer a more holistic, all-round cyber protection service. As well as ensuring that a device is in good working order, they can also establish whether the company has sufficient levels of cyber protection and offer ways to improve, highlighting their own services.

Digital agencies could also significantly benefit from partnering with Aura. Having walked through a potential or pre-existing client through the cyber security assessment and produced the final report, a digital agency would be in an excellent position to start a conversation about building a new website or making adjustments to the existing one.

Other professional services, such as accountants, tax consultants and lawyers can also harness the power of Aura to complement their existing services.


Providing Employees With Cyber Security Training

In order to successfully use the Aura platform, we will provide you and your employees with cyber security training. This is a brilliant opportunity to upskill individuals who are keen to learn and delve into a new strategic area of the business.

aura Partners Are Part Of Something Greater

With Aura, you have the opportunity to help make the UK a safer and more secure place to do business. In this day and age, businesses are so interconnected that a weakness in one is a weakness in many. Aura unearths those vulnerabilities, ranks them in priority order and suggests possible solutions. If everyone acts on those recommendations nationwide, the UK’s business network will be far better defended against unwanted cyber attacks.

Cyber security is a joint effort in which everyone has a part to play.

As an Aura partner, you can play an active role in building up the strength of that network. From having that initial conversation about the importance of cyber security, to guiding businesses through the assessment and explaining what the results mean. If you’re an MSP, you might then offer a series of technological solutions. If you’re an Insurance Broker, you could highlight the advantages of taking out cyber insurance. Whatever it is that you do, you stand to benefit from partnering with Aura.