who are aura cyber security consultants?

Cyber Security Consultants With National Security Experience


Between us, the Aura team have decades of experience working at the highest levels of cyber security, including work on critical national infrastructure. As software engineers, we have developed incredibly secure systems for the most sensitive of environments. We have plenty of experience working in the cutting-edge fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation.

We’ve taken all that knowledge, expertise and experience of the most high-tech systems and funnelled it into creating a single cyber security intelligent tool set specifically for SMEs. The Aura tools have been developed over the course of several months, undergoing extensive testing and multiple refinements to improve these for SMEs.

Cyber Security Consultants That Prioritise SMEs

All too often in this sector, large cyber security consultancies are unwilling to engage with SMEs. Their focus is very much on assisting the big names, who are subject to targeted attacks. The smaller, more everyday concerns of an SME don’t necessarily interest them. At Aura, we firmly disagree with that mindset and so created an alternative. We are passionate about helping smaller businesses.

We recognise that cyber security poses a significant threat to SMEs and shouldn’t be dismissed.

Yes, SMEs are less likely to be the specific target of a direct attack but they are certainly still vulnerable to the broader scattergun methods used by some hackers. The ramifications of a hacker stealing sensitive data, taking down a site or corrupting software can be huge for an SME. Not all businesses of that size can cope with the impact it has on their business, both financially and reputationally. SMEs need to recognise their own vulnerability and learn to protect themselves. Aura can help them do that.

At no point during the Aura process will we assume a certain level of knowledge. We know that in completing the Aura assessment, some SMEs are making their first foray into cyber security. A lot of the terminology that cyber security consultants throw around can be confusing and off putting. We simplify matters and bring clarity to what is an incredibly important subject.

We Work In Partnership

When it comes to cyber security, trust is important. That’s why we prefer to work with individuals that you already have an established relationship with. It could be your local IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), your Insurance Broker or even the agency that maintains your website.

The Aura tools have been specifically designed for our partners to use with ease, with lots of helpful prompts, a smooth and logical flow, and on-going support and expertise from the Aura team.

We work hard to enhance the capabilities of people already working with SMEs.

As an added bonus, by working with partners we have been able to dramatically reduce the cost of cyber security.